Never ask for your way from someone who knows it, because you won't get lost.
Rabbi Nahman from Braslav
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The first trigger was undoubtedly the wonder of a teenager, when he was developing his silver photos. The images would gradually take shape under a dim red light and then disappear to reappear in a sepia tone. He had to put up with the smell of sulphide as a counterpart to this little magic.
Film was replaced by digital and the magic worked through increasingly powerful software. Different creations, but still so exciting. The gesture of dipping photo papers in baths, the fact of respecting concentrations, temperatures and durations, were no longer there. Using light to capture a reality and transform it into an impression frozen in time, which in the end became timeless, remained a goal. Chemistry as the next step was a logical consequence.

Other energies were grafted onto light to complement those natural frequencies that surround us and are not perceptible at first sight: geobiology, the impact of the visual on our perception and state of consciousness, the symbolism of numbers and sacred geometries. The work on oneself has become a transmutation of energies in a search for purity of light, of transparency. Discovering hidden things through personal work.
The door to a spiritual awakening has been opened, showing the missing link to alchemy. The exit from the matrix requires will and perseverance. I chose the symbolism of the Hebrew letter zayin, evoking by its power and discernment the path of perseverance. It symbolises the inner struggle, the clash of oppositions; it forces us to take responsibility for ourselves. A constant tension between man and his values.
So many values necessary to keep the direction and to walk straight on my life path...

Zdenek Posva