• Eternity
  • Lyric of the movie

    The trees screen the piercing light, and under their foliage I can feel the peacefulness of the moment. My footsteps take me further and further along the path, without any particular goal in mind, just for the pleasure of it.

    The breath of the wind becomes less and less exciting. The dance of the leaves slows its pace and the bustle around me is barely perceptible. The birdsong drops an octave. All is calm and peaceful.

    Where are my footsteps taking me? I look up at the crowns of the trees. I feel my steps lighten and I begin to free myself from gravity. I feel the lightness of movement. Higher and higher.

    Who am I? An actor in the human condition, or just an observer? Am I following in the footsteps of philosophers who have already passed this way, or am I an explorer on an unknown path? Why should this question be so important?

    To rise again and again. To rise to the point where the eye ceases to perceive details and focuses on the essential. To feel a sense of balance, as if flying weightlessly without worrying about the rest. Where is this place and how do you get there?

    Silence settles in, the notion of time disappears. No matter what the hours or days, everything merges into a timeless space, everything converges towards unity.

    And in that perception, I saw eternity. The eternity of a simple, sincere life, with no prerogatives. Just being there, being you. I felt eternity around me and within me. Not restlessness, but a soothing, benevolent harmony.