Cold day
The sun rises behind the mountain ridges. Night gives way to dawn. The landscape reveals itself through bluish tones to make way for the radiant sun. However, the tone of the mountains retains this icy atmosphere, testifying to the persistent cold in the heights.

The trees keep their white mantle to undress little by little under the impact of the warm rays. The silence is only disturbed by the sound of footsteps on the frozen snow.
Ice curtains
The cold texture of the pieces of ice, shining under the sun's rays, erases the details and contours of these marvellous ephemeral forms. Drop by drop, their contours change, becoming smoother and smoother like a mirror. The light forces its way through and reveals their interior. Barely perceptible details emerge. The eye gradually adapts and discovers surprising designs, evoking the masterly creativity of nature.
Mysterious nature
Shapes, colours and harmonies that invite us to contemplate what nature places before our eyes. An invitation to the walker to stop and enter into a dialogue.
Living nature
Walker, look up and contemplate the nature around you! Shapes, colours and harmonies are all around us. Let's stop and let them emerge and come to us. A dialogue can take place and make us appreciate these discoveries.
Poetic nature
The play of shapes and colours makes perception more meaningful. It softens our gaze. Nature addresses us in its infinite beauty to make us aware of its poetic side. A dialogue is established and a feeling of pleasure arises within us. Let us stop to contemplate what is revealed before our eyes.
Inhabited worlds - trees
Their roots well anchored in the ground, they are there, majestic, in groups or alone. Their branches open like arms to capture and transmit the wind messages. With a little perseverance, we may succeed in capturing words and melodies of this world living in another frequency than ours.
Inhabited worlds - earth
Our feet have been on the ground since childhood. It sustains and nourishes us as a rooting element. The changes over the seasons perpetuate the ancestral cycles of birth, growth, maturity, aging and death.
Inhabited worlds - sky
xxTo enter into a dialogue with the sky, the head rises and the eyes adjust to its immensity. Driven by the wind, the shape of the clouds changes rapidly, permanently modifying the celestial décor. The sun and the stars pass the baton, with or without the curtain that envelops them.
Inhabited worlds - water
Water seeks a balance. It can remain silent, like a mirror, or on the contrary, it manifests itself noisily like a torrent. It soothes, energizes, and impacts. It can do anything and hides an unsuspected strength.