Street photos
A busy street where the mixture of noises sinks into the walls, contrasts with a quiet alley, where peaceful footsteps harmonise with the installed quietude. The images follow one another. Passers-by meet their eyes, locked in their thoughts. These moments rendered motionless in the harmony of tones, as a witness of a present, which has quickly become the past.
People of the world
The joy of being in one's environment, of living in harmony with one's surroundings. Communicating with others in a respectful way.
Children of the world
A child's smile is disarming anywhere in the world. Its vitality and joy of life are contagious. Before they become adults, let them experience the unconditioned world of wonder and discovery.
Beings in motion
Our body is made to move. To accompany our thoughts through movement. Expressing our emotions through postures. Our body expressions translate our states of being. Dance as an expression of our words, the prelude to a more intimate relationship. Movement is closely linked to music, to the harmonies that surround us.
Joy and gentleness
The face can easily change its expression by the play of a couple of muscles. Showing our mood of the day to the outside world. The softness in our eyes, in the position of our head, of our body. It is easy and revealing. Dialogue with others begins starts with this expression. Capturing it in an image is like handing it over eternally to the Universe.
Beings in energy
When the movement of the body becomes more expressive, conveying a positive or negative force, we release our energy outwards. Through such expression, we emphasize what we want to communicate. The concert is a good place and connects the music to our feelings. The image adds light and colour. It is like hearing the voice that could not be integrated into a photography.